Creating identity for one of the biggest and the most acknowledged peace initiatives from India

In a world shadowed by clouds of gloom

In the recent past, the world has seen one too many acts of violence, in the name of Allah and Jihad. Controlled and driven by a few extremist regimes, a number of terror groups seek to impose their narrow beliefs on liberal thinking populations. In this time of religious extremism and violent radicalism, ISLAM is misperceived.

A ray of hope shines bright

India was, is and will always be the nourishing ground for diverse religions and cultures; for them to not just peacefully co-exist but grow together as one society. We took the great syncretic idea of Hindu-Islam, which developed within the Islamic cultural spheres of India, and let the core of the brand imbibe it. At the heart of World Sufi Forum 2016, was the quest to spread the Sufi message of peace, tolerance and unconditional love.

Listen with ears of tolerance, see through the eyes of compassion, speak with the language of love

(13th-century Persian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic)

We sought peace, tolerance and unconditional love

We positioned World Sufi Forum as the single most important voice for international and national scholars who study and preach the teachings of Sufi saints and the comprising lessons of nonviolence, peace and love.


It was imperative for the logo to portray the essence of the event, encompassing its three core components- Sufism/Islam, the message of Peace, Tolerance and Unconditional Love, and a Global Forum to unite Sufi Scholars from the world over. We began by exploring the sacred symbiology associated with Sufism and Islam, and identified the most prevalent Sufi patterns, design styles, and colours.

Flower of Life

The three most prominent, powerful and striking elements of Sufi symbology were then converged. The Eight Point Star was superimposed on a base of the sacred Lotus Flower, with Sufi Whirling outlined in the centre. Eventually, a cleaner version emerged; the final Logo Mnemonic was a bold visual of Islamic art. A thick, white motif was used to balance the overall look.

Brand Colour

Development of Visual Language

While most international Islamic conferences use muted colors or complex graphics, we opted for a simple and straight-forward design language – inspired by the aesthetic beauty of Islamic art and architecture, the mystic tones of Sufism, a blended colour palette and geometric typography. Our Brand Logo witnessed the super-positioning of the eight-point star on the sacred lotus flower, with Sufi whirling outlined in the centre.

Print & Digital Communication

The website, social media posts and all other print and digital manifestations followed. The verbal communication across these manifestations portrayed the essence of the event, encompassing its three core components – Sufism, the message of peace, tolerance and unconditional love, and a global forum to unite Sufi scholars from the world over.

And, the entire world joined us

On 17th March, 2016, the world waited eagerly to see how World Sufi Forum 2016 would impact the idea of Islam, Sufism, but most importantly, broadcast the message of ‘Peace, Tolerance and Unconditional Love’ across the lands far and wide.

The event garnered a roster of over 200 speakers from 21 countries, the most awaited being Ashraf Kicchowchhawi, Tahir-ul-Qadri and Mehdi Miya Chishty among many others. The opening session was graced by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Over the next three days, various subjects were discussed like the origin of Sufism, the misled youth’s interpretation of Islam, counter-measures to correct the present-day views on Islam among others.

World Sufi Forum 2016 reached over 200,000 people through social media. The sentiment around the event was astoundingly positive – people were sharing and singing praises on the photos and posts of the event’s FB Page. While it received a thumbs up from around 11,000 people, a much larger number of individuals accepted the invitation to actually go to the event.

In terms of on-ground audience, the first day observed more than 1,200 people in attendance. With numbers growing each day, more than 1 lakh people were present on the concluding gathering at the Ramleela Maidan.

The enthusiasm was not only limited to the crowd present at the venue or online; more than 50 channels and 250 newspapers covered the event, in various forms, be it live, prime time coverage or a news feature, accounting for a whopping viewership crossing 350 million globally.

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World Sufi Forum

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