Creating a brand of flavourful supersnacks

Here’s a story to munch on

Simran Sahni and Sachin Sahni, the founders, began their quest for turning the world healthy, one little step at a time, back in 1999. When they noticed that everyone around them loved munching on snacks but had nothing beyond fried and unhealthy options, an idea sparked. They began wondering, “Wouldn’t it be awesome to have simple, wholesome snacks that people could have whenever they wanted to, without feeling guilty?” In their bid to create healthier alternatives to regular snacks, they revisited traditional Indian as well as global superfoods and began experimenting, gaining experience and wisdom along the way. It all came to fruition with Keeros, a brand of Healthy for All, Safe for Diabetics Roasted Supersnacks

Staying relevant in an increasingly competitive market

We met Mrs and Mr Sahni in the summer of 2016. At the time, they were running a chain of fitness centres (Health Zone) and wellness & beauty centres (Glamor Zone), in several parts of Lucknow and Ludhiana. Food enthusiasts and health devotees, the duo was keen on entering the retail food market with a valuable offering. After a series of interviews and researching the lifestyle of the average Indian, we found out that:

India has the highest number of Diabetic patients in the world. We are known as the diabetes capital of the world.

About 5% of India’s population suffers from diabetes, which means every 3rd household in India has atleast one diabetes patient.

The number of diabetes patients is likely to rise to 101 million in India by 2030, estimates the World Health Organisation (WHO). The number doubled to 63 million in 2013 from 32 million in 2000 in the country.

“The 21st-century lifestyle was trendy and contemporary but not everyone’s cup of tea. The radical changes that it brought with itself, like increased stress, westernization of eating habits and slimming down of exercise routines, directly led to an increased prevalence of Diabetes, in elders and youngsters alike.”

Planning bite by bite

Amidst debates, discussions and diabetes, one thing was clear that be it 21st-century or 12th, diet has a way bigger role to play than people give it credit for. Our health is 80% diet and 20% exercise! Aiming to change one little but an essential habit, we concluded that everyone loves snacks but modern-day snacks like fried potato chips and salted crackers are a tempting bane – they are omnipresent, absolutely unhealthy and absolutely tasty! Recognizing this opportunity to create a healthy snackthat’s on everyone’s wish-list but not arm’s length away, we decided to build a new brand of Roasted Supersnacks, with handpicked recipes catering to both ends of the taste spectrum – sweet as well as salty.

Making mouths water

Strategizing our way forward, one step at a time, we helped Keeros begin its retail journey with a strong foundation, clear vision and steady momentum.


The name Keeros is a created one and takes inspiration from the Hindi word for daily, i.e., roz. It points to the fact that Keeros can be consumed ‘roz’ or daily.

Positioning Statement

We positioned Keeros as a brand of Roasted Supersnacks that is Healthy for All and Safe for Diabetics.

Brand Promise

Keeros Roasted Supersnacks present two simple recipes, prepared with traditional Indian and global superfoods,that act as healthier alternatives to regular snacks.

Brand Architecture

In the new brand architecture, Keeros is the Master Brand. The Master Brand is then categorised into two variants Roasted Supersnack Multigrain and Roasted Supersnack Multiseed.

The Recipes

Developed after studying and understanding the taste & health needs of over 40,000 customers for 19 years, Keeros Roasted Supersnacks are offered in two tasty and nutrition rich recipes – Slightly Salty Multigrain and Slightly Sweet Multiseed. With the nourishing goodness of Iron, Protein, Vitamin, Calcium and other wholesome nutrients, these Roasted Supersnacks undergo minimal processing and have low glycemic index, zero cholesterol and zero trans-fats

Visual Identity

The logo takes the typographic approach and employs a wordmark – the name of the brand is given a distinctive visual treatment with the help of Museo, a typeface. Influenced by the remarkable and healthy benefits that our products have to offer, the visual identity displays an authoritative character with warmth. The colour blue is derived from the universal symbol for diabetes, ‘the blue circle’. Overall, the structure harmoniously attains a balance between the friendly feel of humanist sans serifs and the formal feel of serifs

Verbal Identity

Keeros’ verbal identity system lays the foundation for its written communication. It explores the brand’s personality and brand attributes, in depth. Inspired by this, it lists down the kind of words that go with its personality and creates a vocabulary out of them, complete with words and /or phrases to use as well as to avoid. It then condenses the essence of the brand into three Tone of Voice (TOV) pillars – honest, contemporary and nurturing.


Keeros Roasted Supersnacks, in their retail versions, are available in small jars and refill packs. The two kinds of refill packs, in orange and green, use distinctive visual languages derived from the form of a grain and a seed respectively. The same visual language is then percolated to the jars in the form of a simple visual unit, in additionto the logo.

Merchandise and collaterals

In tune with the new visual and verbal identity system, a brand new line of merchandise and collaterals was created from scratch. Take note of the design approach followed here – the visual languages, defined separately for product packaging, are now combined to form a new visual language of grains and seeds

Digital Experience – Website

We created the website of Keeros in tune with its visual and verbal identity systems. The objective was to familiarise the reader with the brand and its products with the help of the brand’s origin story, the effort and dedication that went into creating its unique product recipes, the nutritional advantage that the product ingredients offer, share interesting recipes, collect customer feedback and encourage them to place orders online.

Digital Marketing – Facebook

We provide Keeros comprehensive digital marketing support. Under this, we have created the brand’s digital strategy and its roadmap for the future in terms of how it will keep the conversations up and going on Facebook. We let the brand come to life through striking copies and creatives all while directly interacting with our customers, in real time.

Ongoing Brand Management

As a part of our association with Keeros, we help the company ensure brand consistency across diverse media and provide strategic, verbal and visual communication support and direction, as and when required.

Brand Name


Project Highlights



Brand Positioning

Brand Verbal Identity

Consistent Brand Communication




Brand Visual Identity

Brand Story

Space Branding




Brand Architecture


Digital Experience

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