Branding journey of an award-winning play school

Uncover the branding journey of Early Learning Village, an award-winning play school, inspired by global best practices in early childhood education

Early Learning Village – a brief

Early Learning Village (ELV) is a unique early learning play school situated in the ‘Millennium City’ of India, Gurugram. Co-conceptualised and co-founded in 2016 by Priya Dhawan, Priya Saxena and Heba Zaidi, the school follows International Early Years’ Curriculum (IEYC) and offers an enriching environment that promotes holistic learning. ELV works closely with parents to create classrooms that inspire exploration and engagement. It focuses on capturing a child’s natural curiosity in the shade of nature, with the help of global best practices in early childhood education. The school was honoured with the Most Promising Brand of the Year Award at the Brand India Summit 2016.

Putting on our reading glasses

The founders of ELV approached BOD with the concept of an early learning play school, following IEYC curriculum, that would cater to the needs of young learners in a holistic manner and nurture their curious little minds. With decades of global experience in educating children, they were enthusiastic about being a part of the branding process themselves. Through a series of personal interviews, questionnaires, workshops and group interactions, we gathered a lot of information, broke it down into distinct modules and derived key insights to help us guide our way forward.

Taking baby steps

Strategizing our way

The first step was naming – the school was aptly christened Early Learning Village and positioned as an edutainment destination for kids and parents, offering experiential learning with best in-class curriculum, in an international ambience. As a brand, ELV was positioned as a single-point destination for multiple learning opportunities for kids, helping them evolve in a holistic manner. We also created a set of 5 values to serve as the school’s guiding pillars.

Visual Identity

The twin bird logo of ELV was designed in tune with its key characteristics like inclusive growth, spirit of cooperation, exploration & engagement etc. The colours yellow and blue were selected as the brand colours for their happy and calming effects, respectively. In fact, the two birds were named Wee and Bee, the canaries and were given an interesting back story.

Value system – iconography

Working closely with the founders of ELV, we created a value system of 5 to help them create an environment that celebrates childhood and encourages holistic growth, of learners and staff alike. They were visualized beautifully in the form of 5 icons (Children First, Collaborative Community, Celebrating Diversity, Purposeful Innovation and Professional Integrity), as illustrated alongside.

Singing our song with the canaries

While working on the visual identity of ELV, storytelling was taken to greater heights. The two canaries named Wee and Bee denoting innocence, playfulness, curious and skilfulness were given a unique story, replete with details like their backgrounds, ages, strengths etc. This way the brand was successful in building a greater connect with its audience.

Verbal identity

While developing the verbal identity system of ELV, we created their brand vocabulary, brand narrative and key phrases. We condensed the essence of ELV into four communication pillars – Warm, Cheerful, Mature and Contemporary – to help set the tone for the brand and establish its verbal coherence, in the long run.

ELV’s 8 Personal Learning Goals

ELV empowers its children with the excitement and love for learning to achieve 8 personal learning goals – Enquiry, Adaptability, Resilience, Morality, Thoughtfulness, Cooperation, Respect and Communication. In order to imprint these goals in an impactful manner, we created a series of 8 characters or superheroes, as illustrated alongside, and gave them a prominent space in the school’s space branding.

Wayfinding Signage and Space Branding

As you can see, the wayfinding signage and other space branding icons were developed from the visual identity system of the brand ELV. They follow the same curvilinear fashion and were inspired from the actual graphic representation of the various sections within the school.

Digital Experience and Merchandise

We also designed the website and social media collaterals of the school, in tune with its visual identity system. The merchandise included – stationery, marketing collaterals, brochures etc.

Brand Name


Project Highlights

Early Learning Village (ELV)


Brand Positioning

Brand Verbal Identity

Space Branding



Brand Visual Identity

Brand Story

Consistent Brand Communication



Brand Architecture


Digital Experience

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