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Invest in the rebranding journey of a leading B2B service provider catalysing the
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The Story of
Narayan Bhargava Group

Narayan Bhargava Group (formerly NSB Group) was setup in 1979. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the group has gained recognition as the country’s most dependable business support and growth partner, with a pan India network of 350+ delivery centres.

Mr. Narayan Bhargava, founder of the group, started his journey as a Chartered Accountant (CA). He built the group on the pillars of transparency, accountability, respect for people, and ethical conduct. Under his inspiring leadership, Narayan Bhargava Group employs a highly credible workforce of 10,000+ experienced professionals, delivering the best solutions to clients in quick turnarounds.

Narayan Bhargava Group is credited with founding and fostering Shell Transource, a BPO brand nurtured in India, and later acquired by Vertex (UK) for its value-driven work methodology and remarkable performance. Its group companies include: Calibehr Business Support Services, My Branch, NS Bhargava & Co, and Narayan Bhargava Foundation.

On the CSR front, the group (under the aegis of Narayan Bhargava Foundation) actively helps the underprivileged lead a better life by improving their access to better health & sanitation facilities, infrastructure, sports, education, employment etc.

Assessing the NBG Case

We joined hands with the client team and set out to weigh the facts of the case at hand and document our observations. After several rounds of interviews, discussions, close examination and scrutinizing, we chalked out the following:

The name of the group:

Mr. Narayan Bhargava is a well-recognised and revered industry leader; more than the name of the group (NSB Group), its clients had grown to trust his name. He was both an advocate leading from the front and a brand ambassador for the group.

Client relationships:

Deep, high quality and long lasting relationships with key customers owing to the group’s flexible and transparent work ethics.

The positioning of the group and its companies:

Unclear positioning at the group level; the many companies under the group were also positioned inconsistently.

The brand architecture:

Unclear structuring of the multiple brands under the group

Branding and marketing:

No formal visual and verbal identity guidelines with fragmented branding and marketing efforts.

Charting the Way Forward

With a clearer and in-depth understanding of how the group functions, we laid down the foundation for its brand revamp.

  • Changing the name of the group and redefining its positioning·
  • Restructuring and redeveloping the group architecture by consolidating its companies and/or solution brands into fewer, high-potential service-oriented brands·
  • Formally defining the brand identity system & guidelines for its smooth implementation

Heading in the Right Direction

We helped the group make the most of its immense potential and high credibility by steering it towards true progress and growth.


Leveraging Mr. Narayan Bhargava’s brand equity, we renamed the group brand from NSB Group to Narayan Bhargava Group (doing away with the initialism ‘NSB’). We also introduced a new nomenclature system to simplify the overall branding.


We positioned Narayan Bhargava Group as India’s most dependable business support and growth partner since 1979.


We simplified the complex and inconsistent brand architecture of NSB Group, redeveloping and restructuring it under the new Narayan Bhargava Group (the group brand/the master brand). A number of formerly existent solution brands were merged and transformed into services under the 4 new, high-potential corporate brands.


Calibehr is a professional business services enterprise. It combines the synergies of people, process and technology to drive seamless operations and sustainable growth for large Indian enterprises, multinational corporations and state governments via its vertical brands – Calibehr HR (People), Calibehr BPO (Process) and Calibehr Tech (Technology).


My Branch is the first Indian company to have created a new segment to offer fully furnished office spaces across the globe. It envisions to be the preferred partner of corporates and global multinationals in redefining their branch management and business expansion.


NS Bhargava & Co is a congregation of distinguished Chartered Accountants (CAs), corporate financial advisors and tax consultant, offering sound financial solutions and advice to clients with a focus on concurrent internal and process audit.

Brand Core Values

We felt that the previously laid down core values were a true fit for the new Narayan Bhargava Group as well. To add the midas touch, we formally detailed them in order to simplify the task of sharing & circulating core values with the concerned parties.

New Project (3)


Narayan Bhargava Group nurtures a transparent work environment based on honesty and mutual trust. It steers clear of any ambiguities or hidden terms & conditions.

New Project (2)


Narayan Bhargava Group employs a highly credible workforce.
Its employees take accountability for their actions and honour their commitments.


Respect for people

Valuing its stakeholders makes Narayan Bhargava Group a brand that stands tall on the foundation of honour, respect and faith.

New Project (1)

Ethical conduct

Narayan Bhargava Group emphasizes morality, integrity and ethics. It feels deeply about the society and offers active service to help the underprivileged.

Brand Identity System

Verbal Identity

We helped the group make the most of its immense potential and high credibility by steering it towards true progress and growth.

Inspired by this, it lists down the kind of words that go with its personality and creates a vocabulary out of them, complete with words and/or phrases to use as well as to avoid. It then condenses the essence of the Narayan Bhargava Group brand into three Tone of Voice (TOV) pillars – Authoritative, Progressive and Dependable.

Tone of Voice (TOV) Pillars




Visual Identity

The visual identity is a cornerstone for the visual communication of a brand. As depicted, we have retained the existing logo symbol composed of four interlocked circles (or diyas, Hindi for lamps) and replaced ‘NSB Group’ with the new ‘Narayan Bhargava Group’ in title case. The four circles or diyas are also symbolic of the four corporate brands of the group. The logo type employs the font, ‘Banjax Medium’ and uses the colours Red and Orange-Yellow (two tones).


The new tagline, ‘Your Partner for Growth’ is an echo of the new positioning statement for the group that provides business support and growth solutions to global multinationals, large private enterprises and governmental institutions in 300+ locations across India.

NBG Case Study -03

Your partner for growth


The primary typeface (logo type), ‘Banjax Medium’, is a humanist sans serif typeface, designed to be highly versatile and efficient in both print and digital environments. The secondary typeface, ‘SapientSans’, is also a humanist typeface perfect for display purposes, with central core weights ideal for body copy.


The brand colour palette helps create meaningful, memorable associations with Narayan Bhargava Group and adds more to its visual personality. The colours red, two tones of orange-yellow and black together define and represent the authoritative yet grounded, professional yet warm and progressive identity traits of the group brand.


We built the new visual language by deconstructing the logo symbol to derive numerous shapes and forming linear graphic combinations out of them. All the visual touch points of the brand – from promotional manifestations like brochures, posters, employee ID cards; stationery items like envelopes, diaries, pens: merchandise like mugs, badges, employee lunch bags, etc. – were then redesigned in line with the new visual identity and visual language of the group.

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