Growth transformation journey of a 3-decade old product IP firm

Poring over

MICROLIT is a product IP firm headquartered in India’s ‘City of Tehzeeb’ or ‘the City of Nawabs’, Lucknow. It was co-conceptualised by Mr Ajay Jain and Mr Atul Jain, and formally established in the year 1991.

The firm designs and develops high precision liquid handling instruments for leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical laboratories of the world.

Its product range includes bottle top dispensers, micropipettes, e-burettes, pipettes and pipette filling devices including accessories like stands and tips for micropipettes.

The firm has steadily garnered the trust of its consumers situated in 65 countries, who recognize it as a respected and dependable brand in the healthcare and life sciences industry worldwide.

Under the microscope

MICROLIT and BOD shouldered the responsibility of identifying and addressing the areas that were possibly impeding the firm’s growth. We conducted a series of in-person audits to closely examine and evaluate MICROLIT’s major departments including R&D, production & manufacturing, Quality Control (QC) and Quality Analysis(QA), sales, distribution & marketing and the company’s product range, service and overall experience, in addition to market research and analysis.

This is what we found.

  • Inconsistencies in branding – no formal visual identity
    and verbal identity guidelines
  • Inconsistencies in product packaging and printed
    collaterals’ layouts, designs and communication
  • Personality of brand MICROLIT not coming across in
    a strong and impactful manner
  • Limited numbers but remarkable product quality
  • More investment required in terms of strategic effort
    and organised roll-out for sales & marketing

Recalibrating the future

Armed with a better understanding of the company and the way it works,
we set the following objectives as our driving pillars for the rebranding exercise.

  • To establish product leadership for MICROLIT as a brand that is ahead of the curve and trusted worldwide
  • To develop visual and verbal identity guidelines that communicate MICROLIT’s strength, capabilities and passion for innovation consistently and effectively
  • To develop a branding system that builds efficiency and effectiveness across business functions such as R&D, manufacturing & production, QA/QC, marketing and sales
  • To imbibe a new-age personality for MICROLIT that attracts and nurtures high-quality talent

Stepping forward

MICROLIT had a bright future waiting to be unlocked – it already had a worldwide patent, strong R&D focus, in-house product design and manufacturing team and several awards to establish its leadership and credibility. Strategizing our way forward, one step at a time, we helped MICROLIT write its story of rebranding and growth transformation beautifully.

  • Positioning Statement
    We positioned MICROLIT as a brand that develops high precision liquid handling instruments for leading labs of the world in healthcare and life sciences industry.
  • Brand Promise
    MICROLIT’s promises that the precision and accuracy of its liquid handling instruments is twice better than industry standards*.
  • Brand Architecture
    In the new brand architecture, MICROLIT is the Master Brand. The Master Brand is then categorised into a set of brand families – Product Brands, Innovation Brands, Technology Brands, White Label Brand and a Brand for Product Accessory.
  • Product Nomenclature
    Several naming opportunities, within each of the categories of the Brand Architecture, are also taken care of – like Novus, Dexter, Quadra etc. – driven majorly from the functionalities and features of the entity itself.

Visual identity

MICROLIT’s visual identity system lays down the foundation for its visual communication. The new logo symbol is composed using only two shapes – a drop and a square. This simplistic rendition arises out of the personality and key characteristics of the brand, as captured in the Brand Personification ModelTM. Within the composition of these two elements, the logo symbol denotes ‘High Precision Liquid Handling under Practical Laboratory Conditions’. The logo type, kerned manually, employs the font ‘Avenir Next’.

Verbal identity

MICROLIT’s verbal identity system lays down the foundation for its written communication. It explores the brand’s personality and brand attributes, in depth. Inspired by this, it lists down the kind of words that go with its personality and creates a vocabulary out of them, complete with words and/or phrases to use as well as to avoid. It then condenses the essence of the brand into three Tone of Voice (TOV) pillars – straight forward, contemporary and warm.

Recalibrating the future

The new tagline, ‘Experience Precision’, captures the idea of working with a MICROLIT instrument, real-time, and experiencing exactly what every pharmaceutical or biotechnology professional seeks – precision.

Product Applications

The most pivotal usage of MICROLIT’s logo was going to be on its products, the entire range of them.

It was crucial that the logo placement be subtle and intelligent, and garner long-lasting recognition.


The new product packaging reflects simple layouts and minimalistic design elements.

It crisply communicates the distinctive features of the product and doesn’t overload the reader with any verbal or visual weight.

Product Catalogues and Manuals

It is mandatory for a product catalogue or a manual to exhibit such simplicity in its layout and typography, that it aids the reader to go through the written information comfortably. In addition, it is necessary for the written information to be clear and simple, sans any ornamentation.

With this in mind, we redesigned MICROLIT’s product catalogues and manuals, complete with product showcases and product usage guidelines.

Merchandise and Collaterals

In tune with the new visual and verbal identity system, a brand new line of merchandise and collaterals was created from scratch.

Again, the design approach followed is simple and minimal. Take note of how white space has been intelligently used to organise and distribute information in Microlit’s new two-fold business card.

Digital Experience – Website

We created the website of MICROLIT in tune with its visual and verbal identity systems.

The objective was to familiarise the reader with the company and its operations, teach the usage and functionality of its products, maintain an all-time accessible product literature section and share knowledge regarding the industry.


We laid down a comprehensive marketing strategy and roadmap for MICROLIT.

It focused on highlighting the legacy and credibility of the brand in the business of making liquid handling instruments, its brand promise, safe & easy to use products and customer centricity and service orientation with the help of a number of respective extensions.

Factory Branding

A comprehensive space branding collateral system including way finding signage, information bulletins, instruction charts and other relevant creatives etc. was developed in coherence with the brand’s visual identity guidelines.


MICROLIT keeps participating in international and national trade fairs every now and then including Analytica, ACHEMA, Asia Labex etc. Most recently, it was a part of the 26th edition of Analytica, the International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Analytica Conference, held in MesseMünchen, from April 10-13, 2018.

There, the company launched a new product, MICROLIT E-BURETTE, an India Design Mark holder Motor Operated Burette with 3 Calibrated Pre-set Speeds.


As a part of our association with MICROLIT, we help the company ensure brand consistency across diverse
media platforms and provide strategic, verbal and visual communication support and direction, as and when required.

Brand Name


Project Highlights


Industrial Products


Integrated Marketing

Content creation



Visual Identity

Packaging out design

Operational manual

Exhibition stall design guideline



Verbal Identity

Product catalogs

Space branding

Product photography guidelines

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